Health Guarantee on Puppies for sale

Bright Pets offers healthy puppies for sale with a health guarantee. Moreover, we do not only focus on selling healthy and happy pets, we extend ourselves to continue our relationship even after the pet reaches his/her new home. For that reason, we work with reputable licensed breeders and strongly believe in ethical/responsible breeding.

Above all, we love our pets and our promise to you is that when you take your new pet home, it is perfectly healthy and ready to spread love and happiness.

In order this and to ensure perfect health of our pets, we go through the following process:

Although we do everything on our end to make sure our puppies for sale are fit, the health of the pets depends on a multitude of factors including heredity, environment, activity, food, cleanliness, love, age, and more.That’s why, we may not always have control over all of these factors; therefore, we encourage you to consult with a veterinarian in regards to this matter.

Also, please contact us as soon as possible if your puppy gets sick within the first 7 days of purchase, and we will have it checked and treated by our professional veterinarian at our expense.

Following are the key points from our written health guarantees; a copy of the complete health guarantee will be provided at the time of the purchase:

1 year guarantee in case of life-threatening genetic issue(s)

7 days protection in case of loss of appetite, flu, diahrea and/or vomiting

We cover any medical expense under this guarantee at our Vet.

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